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Coffin Creek Returns for Halloween 2017 with a Total of Five Attractions

Coffin Creek Woods

Now in its 10th year, long-running Corona haunt Coffin Creek will re-open this October with a total of five exciting Halloween attractions, including an all-new escape room experience, a brand new haunted house and the return of the Shady Hollow Hayride.

Housed at Crossroads Riverview Park (14600 Baron Dr.), the new experiences, which will be held in the Renaissance village, are being put on by Riverview Recreational Park’s new management, which took over the park’s lease earlier this year.  The new fantasy-themed maze, named “The Dark Realm” will be held at the location of Figment Foundry’s former haunt, Labyrinth of the Lost Relics and will take visitors deep into the mines below Coffin Creek where goblins, orks, and other dangerous magical creatures call home.

The village will also be home to an all-new escape room experience, Coffin Creek Case: The Game Maker.   Suitable for 4-8 people ages 13 and over, participants must follow a string of clues left by the elusive serial killer, The Game Maker to uncover the identity of his next victim.  Participants will have 30 minutes to solve the case and reveal the identity of the next victim before the information is erased forever. Coffin Creek Case: The Game Maker is a fast-paced escape room in a fully interactive environment full of puzzles and clues that you and your teammates must solve in order to win.

2017 will also mark the return of the Shady Hollow Hayride, a long-standing attraction at the park, which was run by former Crossroads Group CEO Tom Wilson, who passed away suddenly in May of 2015, closing the haunt.  Revived and revised for 2017 guests will board the tractor trailer and make their way through the haunted village of Coffin Creek.

Other returning attractions for 2017 will include The Haunted Asylum at Coffin Creek, Catacombs of Guasti Cemetery and the Prado Witch Trail, all owned and operated by haunt originator Gary Shireman.

The events flagship haunt, The Haunted Asylum at Coffin Creek will carry on the legend of the 1930’s asylum which was discovered after the great Southern California flood of 1938.  Inside visitors will uncover that not only the patients at this hospital were sick in the head and this year Shireman says he has a few new scares in store for returning fans of the haunt.

A scene inside The Haunted Asylum at Coffin Creek
A scene inside The Haunted Asylum at Coffin Creek

The Catacombs of Guasti Cemetery debuted in 2016 in the former home of popular Corona haunt, Chambers of the Mausoleum.  Bringing new scares, guests will be taken deep into the cemetery’s catacombs where they’ll come face to face with its inhabitants who are looking for more souls to join them.

Though the Prado Witch Trail debuted in 2016 with some flooding issues due to inclement weather, Shireman says the trail has been recreated for 2017 and will not suffer the same fate.  This outdoor haunt takes guests through a wooded area that is home to some unruly rednecks and is rumored to be inhabited by the legendary Prado Witch.

In addition to the five haunted attractions, the event will host the Dark Shadow Marketplace, a collection of vendors and concessions at the entrance of the village, which will offer food and drink as well as a variety of handmade gifts and various souvenirs.

The scares start October 6 and will run each weekend (Friday through Sunday) leading up to Halloween and on Halloween night Tuesday, October 31.  Coffin Creek is open Friday and Saturday from 7:30 PM until Midnight and Sundays and Halloween from 7:30 PM until 10 PM.  Gates open at 7 PM. Box office opens at 7:15 PM

Event parking is $5.  Single attraction tickets are $15 each, or you can purchase a five attraction combo ticket for $35.  Five attraction combo tickets with Fast Pass are also available for $50.

For more information, or to purchase tickets ahead of time online visit

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