The Leela Project To Host Thanksgiving Dinner for Over Corona 100 Seniors

The Leela Project, a Corona-based organization that aims to help bring the community together through acts of kindness, will be hosting a special Thanksgiving dinner for over 100 seniors tomorrow at the Casa Grande apartments in Corona, providing a traditional Thanksgiving meal for every senior at the facility.

The Leela Project Dinner with Seniors

This past year The Leela Project partnered with Boost Performance Gym in Corona in an effort to promote health and wellness with at risk youth throughout the Inland Empire. What started as a simple way to reach out to foster boys that wanted an outlet quickly turned into both organizations teaming up and making huge impacts in the community, the Dinner with Seniors event being one of them. Every boy in attendance at the gym’s school, Boost Alternative Private School for Student-Athletes (B.A.S.S.)  will be volunteering this Tuesday to serve food to the seniors.

In addition to serving a hot meal, the Leela Project will also be providing entertainment for the seniors.  They have brought together four different musicians to perform including singer/songwriter Shane Lantz, trumpet player Justin Peters, violinist Lisa Mahlum, and guitarist Ella Robinson.

This is just one of the handful of things that the Leela Project has done over the last year to support the community.  Previously their efforts included working with the homelessfoster children, and single mothers.  When asked why they do what they do, Founder Dominick Verrette, responded that creating a culture of love and compassion in the community is what drives their team. That “Love” drives them.

The Dinner with Seniors wouldn’t be possible without the help of corporate sponsors:

  • Boost Performance Center
  • Corporate Alliance Strategies
  • Dennis Marshall (Glacier Pure Water)
  • Cordova AC/Heating
  • The Richards Family
  • Deep Waters Christian Church
  • Blazoned Glory
  • Club 13 Realtors

For more information about The Leela Project and the work their doing in the community, be sure to follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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