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Win A Pair of Tickets to the 2017 Koroneburg Renaissance Festival

Koroneburg Renaissance Festival May 27 - June 25, 2017

Last month we told you about the return of the Koroneburg Renaissance Festival at Riverview Recreation Park.  Under new ownership and offering new entertainment options and activities, this year’s event is one you won’t want to miss.  The festival will return to Corona on May 27 and continue each weekend through June 25, 2017.  Tickets are currently available for presale, but in anticipation of the festival’s return, Life in Corona and the generous folks at the Koroneburg Renaissance Festival want to give one of our lucky readers a pair of tickets to the event.

There are five ways to enter, first leave us a comment and let us know what your favorite memory of the Koroneburg Renaissance Festival is, or let us know what you are looking forward to most with the festival’s return.  Then you can check us out on Facebook, follow us on twitter, or share a tweet about the festival for additional entries.  The giveaway starts today and will be open until Tuesday, May 23.

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  1. I’m looking forward to experiencing it all, since we’ve never had the chance to attend this festival! Thank you,

  2. my husband just returned from a 2 year deployment over seas… it has been a rough road with him being gone but the Marine Corps is our life. so we are most excited about this being our first time to the Renaissance festival. we can’t wait to see the shows, eat the food and drink beer!!! we have waited two years to attend…

  3. I’ve always looked forward to this fair! I’m so glad that it’s back and I’m looking forward to new faces and lots of old ones! Hazzuah!

  4. I went years ago, and so enjoyed talking to the vendors and see the sights there! Looking forward to going again!

  5. My husband and I loved going there. He loved talking to the people and watching the jousting. I want to go this year I memory of him. He passed last month.

  6. I have never been to this faire, and only one before it. I can’t wait to see the musical acts and all the costumes.

  7. My husband and I had a Renaissance wedding in the Koroneburg village 6 years ago and haven’t had a chance to go back!

  8. My favorite memory of Koroneburg is that it was the first faire I ever worked at. It was my introduction to ren life and my love of it.

    I am still friends with people I met that weekend.

  9. Both my favorite memory and one of the things I’m looking forward to this year is the archery lessons. I have 8 kids and when my 2 oldest ones were littler my dad and I took them to the renfair. They enjoyed being able to throw knives and use a bow and arrow. They enjoyed it so much that my parents signed them up for lessons and they loved it. I’m looking forward to my other children being able to experience the sane thins they did and I did as a little girl.

  10. I’ve been going to Koroneburg since the first year.. Me and my group did the jousting there.. But back then we did have the luxury of an Awesome Arena… we were jousting in a spot near the cliffs edge.. Talk about horse control.. lol. But that is one of the best times in my life.. Jousting for Tom during the early years.. Looking forward to next weekend!!

  11. Looking forward to seeing old friends, new adventures, and sharing it with a friend who has never been to a Ren Faire. I’ve missed it the last two years, and look forward to seeing what new management has accomplished!

  12. This will be my first year going to the festival! My family and I are extremely excited to enjoy the atmosphere of this era!

  13. This will be the first visit to this festival. Have visited others in the past and look forward to the cgance to see what elae So Cal has to offer in Ren Faires

  14. I remember back in the late ’90s when this festival started. I used to sell advertising back then and I remember this was one of my accounts! Looking forward to visiting and seeing how it has changed!

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